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OIT continues testing Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 for use on campus

This month, Microsoft will make available to consumers worldwide their new operating system called Vista, the successor to Windows XP. While this exciting new product will offer several enhancements and features to the Windows computing interface, at this time there are no systems or applications at Princeton that require the use of Vista or Office 2007. Until testing is completed, OIT does not recommend upgrading your Windows operating system to Vista, or your Office suite of applications to Office 2007, for the following reasons:

  • OIT is in the process of testing Vista and Office 2007 on campus and is researching potential conflicts with existing Princeton systems
  • Unless your computer is a recently purchased model, it may not have sufficient resources to achieve desirable performance. OIT minimum hardware recommendations for running Vista can be found at
  • Many manufacturers do not yet offer Vista-certified software and drivers for peripheral devices such as printers and scanners, which may fail to work with Vista.
  • Support may be limited during OIT testing and integration of Vista into the Princeton computing environment.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your local support provider or the OIT Help Desk at 285-HELP, or For more information about Vista from Microsoft, please see: