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Windows computer users - update your Symantec AntiVirus software now!

Over the past week, there have been a number of attacks attempted on Microsoft Windows computers on campus via the Internet. These attacks are specifically directed toward computers that are running older versions of Symantec AntiVirus. Older versions prior to can permit computer attackers to execute arbitrary malicious code on your computer. Once infected, your computer then becomes an automated "attack-system" looking for other computers to infect.

OIT is taking measures to make sure that new attacks do not enter the University infrastructure from the outside on the network level. However, if an infected computer connects to the network, there is no method of preventing the attack from spreading to other computers. It is critical that all Microsoft Windows computers have at least version of Symantec AntiVirus software installed. (Note - the current version of Symantec AntiVirus is The software is free to all University faculty, staff, and students, and is easily available for you to download and install using the instructions at All University DeSC computers are automatically updated and need no intervention.

To determine the version of Symantec AntiVirus on your Windows computer, double-click the Symantec icon (the small yellow shield in the lower right section of your display). The "Program versions" section should say (or higher). If the program version is less than, you will need to update your software as soon as possible to the current version. (The current SAV 10.1 installer can be installed on top of an existing SAV 10 install - there is no need to uninstall SAV 10.x. Older versions should still be un-installed first before installing the newer version).

If you do not have the privileges or the information necessary to install software on your computer, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 8-4357 or, or your departmental support representative.