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Students, Library and OIT announce print quota system

The Library and OIT have been working in partnership with students and University administrators for more than a year to develop a quota system for student printing at public computer cluster printers. The University continues to feel the effects of the recent economic crisis -- just as is the case at other institutions -- prompting a move forward with a pilot print quota system.

Originally, the impetus for a quota was sustainability. Over the past two years, students have printed almost 24 million pages in print clusters, and a reduction in printing was identified as an essential part of the effort to meet the sustainability goals of the University. Now, to support the University's response to the economic downturn, the financial benefits of the quota system have become an important element of the project.

It has been decided to begin with an annual quota to accommodate differing printing needs and responsibilities: the undergraduate quota will be 2,100 sheets of paper and the graduate student quota will be 3,000 sheets. Based on statistics from the last two years, this should be more than ample for the vast majority of students. Students will be able to keep track of how much they have printed when they log in to a print release station, and a process will be established to request additional quota.

The Library and OIT must meet the goal of a 20% reduction in printing over the coming year, and the quota system enables students to play an active role in helping the University adjust to the new budget realities. In planning the quota system, the Library and OIT have collected many opinions and ideas about how a quota system might work.

More information about the print quota is available in the OIT KnowledgeBase at, and helpful information to reduce your printing needs can be found at: