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Guest Account Provisioning services now available

OIT is pleased to announce that Guest Account Provisioning Services are now available for several Princeton University online resources. With this easy online tool, you can request and sponsor a Princeton University "guest account" for people not directly affiliated with the University.


Online collaboration, both within the University and across academia, has become critical to the success of productivity. Online collaborative environments such as SharePoint, WebSpace and Roxen are  designed to facilitate and support the sharing of information and communication of ideas among people working towards a common goal.  The ability to add collaborators from outside the University in a secure and web-friendly way encourages workgroup support for the flow of information, sharing of tasks, calendars, and document management. Ultimately this guest access capability promotes group productivity and will help your department achieve its goals more efficiently.


For more information on how to create and sponsor a guest account, please see the Guest Account Provisioning introduction at