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DeSC going green: power management reduces energy use

In keeping with the resource conservation goals of the Sustainability Plan adopted by the University, OIT is launching a power management project to reduce the amount of energy used by desktop computers on campus.

PC power management is offered through the University-managed Windows environment on campus (also known as DeSC
) and will significantly reduce the carbon footprint in University offices. The large group of staff and faculty computers that participate in this program are set to 'sleep' overnight. It is estimated that putting over 2,000 computers to 'sleep' at night, 5 days a week, can conserve over $75,000 a year in electricity (translated to approximately 750,000 KWh of energy saved annually).

OIT has been actively working with several departments to pilot this endeavor, including the Woodrow Wilson School and the Facilities department. The DeSC power management strategy was implemented on all University-managed Windows computers on December 15, 2009.

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