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PULSe: online videos and webinars for learning

Get caught up in the energy of the new IT learning opportunity, PULSe - the Princeton University Learning Series. PULSE is an online venue where faculty, staff, and students can learn about technology on campus through custom video tutorials, weekly webinars, Twitter retweets, and more.

PULSe content is a free service, but does require a Princeton University netID and password to participate.  To get started, go to

PULSe video tutorials – 
The collection of PULSe video tutorials shows how to use the special features of a range of applications. The tutorials address frequently asked questions or demonstrate how to use advanced functionality within an application. 

The video library currently includes tutorials on SharePoint and WebSpace topics. The growing library will soon include tutorials on Roxen, Microsoft Office, DataSpace and more.

Live PULSe webinars –
The webinar, “Custom Lists in SharePoint,” will launch the weekly series that begins Friday, March 4, at 2 pm. To join this or any future interactive webinar, log into The LIVE PULSe Webinars classroom will appear on the iLinc home page. 

Future webinars present on topics in SharePoint WebSpace, DataSpace, Roxen and Outlook. The complete spring schedule is available from the Live PULSe webinars page. 

To participate in PULSe webinars, you will need to set up a free University iLinc account. New accounts can be created online at

PULSe Twitter  –
PULSe also provides a PULSe Twitter stream, pulearns, of retweets about SharePoint, Outlook, and other apps used on campus.

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