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Technology Consulting Services helps you find IT solutions

You know where you want to go, Technology Consulting Services helps you get there. 

Your department is considering an information technology solution to a problem. It is obvious what you want the technology to accomplish; it is just difficult to determine how to get there. Not knowing the alternatives or having too many, and navigating unfamiliar channels can become a daunting, time consuming and costly task. OIT’s Technology Consulting Services (TCS) helps you along.

TCS provides IT consulting services at no charge to the University community. TCS consultants guide stakeholder groups through the definition of requirements, the mapping of work processes, the identification of potential best technology solutions, and the submission of project proposals. TCS may also introduce the expertise of other departments as needed, such as the Office of Finance and Treasury, who can best negotiate the financial aspects of a solution and keep costs down.

University Registrar Polly Griffin comments on her experiences as a recent partner with TCS, “Sal Rosario and his colleagues in Technology Consulting Services have become our first contact to discuss projects that have multiple technological solutions and multiple constituents with multiple interests. We have had several projects this year that began with the extraordinarily capable guidance of TCS and are proceeding successfully due to the roadmap they developed with and for us.”

Speaking to the benefits of the TCS consulting model, Griffin further states, “The TCS model clarifies needs and expected outcomes before addressing and ultimately recommending the technological solution – this is invaluable to clarity of purpose. Their methodical approach to multi-faceted problems and their sophistication with the technology options provides solid, confident grounding for project teams.”

TCS also consulted for a University Health Services team considering the feasibility to upgrade an aging application to a newer version. TCS facilitated the process by engaging other groups in OIT and bringing in the Office of Finance and Treasury to expertly negotiate a contract with a vendor for a hosted solution instead of the on-premises solution that had initially been considered. Judith Oakley, Systems Manager for University Health Services, remarks on her recent experience with TCS, “OIT is a large department and can be difficult to navigate. Technology Consulting Services was able to pave the way and quickly put us in touch with the right person or group for each project need.”

TCS currently employs three members: Sal Rosario, Matt Immordino and Harris Otubu, who maintain a broad understanding of technology tools and services available on campus and beyond. The TCS group reports to the Project and Consulting Services department of OIT.

TCS consulting is available for large-scale IT solutions as well as for smaller, individual IT solutions. To request TCS consulting services, contact Sal Rosario at For more information,