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OIT Ambassador Program

The Office of Information Technology is excited to embark on another successful year of the OIT Ambassador Program. This outreach program, started nearly 10 years ago, was designed to improve communication and customer service between OIT and the University community.

Under the Ambassador Program, an OIT representative is assigned to academic and administrative departments who request the service. Ambassadors provide departments with updates on OIT services and serve as a liaison to the Office of Information Technology. Ambassadors also listen and gather information from the departments they represent and provide feedback to OIT.

There are more than 95 University departments currently participating in the program. The program is open to academic and administrative departments, as well as certain undergraduate and graduate student groups.

If departments would like to participate in the OIT Ambassador Program, or if you are unsure as to whether your department has an assigned OIT Ambassador, please contact Evelyne Roach at 258-3936.

For more information about the OIT Ambassador Program, see the About the Program pages of the program's website at