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Mobile sites for Reunions and Commencement events

Two mobile sites are available to help alumni, family, and friends attending Princeton Reunions and Commencement celebrations easily navigate event activities, and even join in on traditional Princeton cheers and songs. Reunions Mobile and Commencement Mobile sites were developed to complement traditional event programs, providing access to this information from the convenience of mobile devices.

The Reunions Mobile site provides mobile access to Reunions information, from class headquarters locations and complete event schedules to shuttle and parking details. New features this year include Google Map and links to Foursquare and Facebook.  Check-in on Foursquare to let friends and classmates know where you are on campus during Reunions. Updates and Alerts provide updates during the Reunions weekend in real-time using Twitter. Cheers and Songs provides the lyrics and recordings of traditional Princeton favorites: “Old Nassau,” “Going Back to Nassau Hall,” “The Orange and the Black,” and the Locomotive Cheer. Maps provides mobile access to campus maps of headquarters locations and parking, the P-rade route, golf cart paths, accessibility, and campus shuttles. History tells the story of how Princeton Reunions and many of its traditions came to be.

Alumni and other Reunions attendees can access the Reunions Mobile site at

The Commencement Mobile website provides information about event parking and shuttle service, the Princeton area, and the activities scheduled around the Commencement celebration from Sunday, May 29, to Tuesday, May  31, 2011.

Family, friends, and the Princeton community attending Commencement can access the Commencement Mobile site at

The Office of Information Technology’s Web Development Services (WDS) group designed the Reunions Mobile and Commencement Mobile sites. Content for the Reunions site was provided by the classes and Reunions staff, while content for the Commencement site was provided by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and the Office of the Vice President and Secretary. Both event sites are optimized for use on smartphones, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid devices.

Mobile websites are a collection of web pages with content, navigation, and layout optimized for small screens, mouseless browsing, and constrained wireless data connections. Reunions and Commencement sites use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code to mimic the mobile application experience pioneered by Apple. The two sites also leverage the built-in components of the Roxen Content Management System.

For more information about the web design and web development services offered by the OIT Web Development Services (WDS) group, see the WDS website at

For more information about Princeton’s Office of Information Technology, see