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OIT's Annual Report for 2011: Celebrating 10 years

The OIT Annual Report for 2010-11 has been published and is available from the OIT website. The report summarizes OIT's continuing efforts to support University information technology needs and goals over the past year.

Of special interest this year is, "OIT Ten Years Forward," a retrospective that highlights the work of the Office of Information Technology and the technology changes and advancements that have taken place on campus from the time OIT first became Princeton's new technology organization ten years ago. 

Also of note is the “FY11 Timeline,” a monthly snapshot of IT milestones achieved in the past academic year, and "OIT's Contributions to University Sustainability and Cost Savings Initiatives." Here, you can find information about a number of OIT projects that have helped support the University’s sustainability and cost savings goals, such as the Print-less, computer power management, and server virtualization initiatives.

Additional report areas highlight OIT’s progress with its highest priorities and with meeting goals for FY11. Reports on the work completed by OIT advisory groups, outreach programs, and cross-functional teams are also provided.

The report is viewable from the OIT website. It is located on the 'About OIT' tab. For those who require a printed report, the report prints easily to a standard printer.