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Request for IT project proposals for 2013-14


The annual IT planning process for fiscal years 2013 and 2014 has begun and the Enterprise Systems Planning Group (ESPG) is now calling for IT project proposals. This year, in addition to requesting proposals for enhancing central academic and administrative systems, OIT is asking departments to submit proposals for any projects that will require OIT resources, including departmental applications and websites. In this way, OIT resources can be better managed across all projects, regardless of their size.

Proposals should be submitted by Monday, February 7, 2012 using the Interdepartmental Project Portfolio (IPP) SharePoint site. The IPP site provides a proposal form for creating and submitting your proposals online and a dashboard for tracking the progress of your proposals through the IPP process. Here, you will also find helpful links to a Quick Reference Card on using the IPP and information about the University’s IT Governance and annual IT planning process.

To access the online proposal form, go to and click the “Begin work on a new proposal” link.

Department Managers and Office Heads have received e-mail from Betty Leydon, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, about the current IT planning process.

The general schedule for the IT planning process runs from January to April.  Proposals are drafted by departments in January. OIT then collaborates with departments in February to complete the more technical sections of the proposals and begins building a potential slate of projects for the coming fiscal year.  This slate is reviewed by the Project Managers Team (PMT)  in March, endorsed by the Enterprise Systems Planning Group (ESPG) in April, and submitted to the Provost for final approval.

If you have questions about the annual IT planning process or need help preparing a project proposal, please contact Barrie Sutton at or Janet Pumo at