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Virtual Server Hosting Service: big savings, low energy use, and high reliability

OIT's Virtual Hosting Service offers departments a no-cost environment in which to run Virtual Machines (VMs). Hosted virtual machines save departments money, greatly minimize energy use, and offer high reliability.  Departments that choose this service avoid the expenses associated with purchasing server hardware and any related contracts for maintaining the server.

The virtual machines that OIT uses to host department servers are housed and managed in Princeton's new data center. Here, the hosted servers benefit from a highly redundant infrastructure, which guarantees no or minimal downtime for the virtual machines when necessary server upgrades and repairs are performed. Power consumption of a VM in the new data center is remarkably less than 10% of that required to run a physical server. This energy savings aids the University in achieving sustainability goals. 

Departments can opt to run the virtual machines themselves or can choose to delegate upgrade and maintenance responsibilites to OIT’s Enterprise Servers and Storage (ESS) staff, who will manage the operating system and patching of Windows or RedHat Enterprise Linux servers and free up departmental IT staff to focus on application support and other duties.

While the vast majority of servers can be virtualized, some systems with very high RAM, CPU, or disk resource needs, or systems requiring specialized hardware, may not be good candidates. For these systems, departments may opt to take advantage of OIT's Server Hosting Service.  With this service, the physical server is relocated to the University’s new data center, where it can benefit from a more secure environment, and reduced power consumption due to the sustainability features designed into the new data center.

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To find out how your department can change physical servers to virtual servers running on OIT’s infrastructure or relocate servers to Princeton's data center, please contact Charles Kruger by calling 8-7181 or sending e-mail to