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Media Central: manage and share video and audio works

Media Central, OIT’s new web-based media management system, provides a service to the campus for storing, managing, and delivering video and audio content from a single location.

With Media Central's built-in file management, all of your media files can be stored in one location. Here, you can manage your media library quickly and efficiently, and customize file metadata to organize, tag, and optimize searches for media files.  

Flexible upload options allow you to upload video and audio from a number of devices, including even your webcam. With high-volume storage, you can save the highest quality video and then convert it, or transcode it, to the optimal format for publishing to various platforms. Platforms that you can publish to include websites, iPads, YouTube, Facebook, and Blackboard. 

With Media Central's video analytics, you can view statistics on viewer access. Access controls make possible the support of important privacy and copyright requirements. 

Media Central is powered by Kaltura, an open source media management platform.

For more information, see the Media Central website and the KB solution, "Media Central: How to store, publish and manage your digital media content"

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