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October is Data Privacy month at Princeton!

October is Data Privacy month at Princeton! Events throughout the month offer opportunities to learn and ask questions about data privacy settings and the things you can do to maintain a little privacy.

The program includes a special keynote, "How to Shine Online! Building a Digital Identity and Personal Brand That Will Help You in the Future." Lindsey Pollak, bestselling author, corporate consultant, LinkedIn Global Spokesperson, and internationally recognized expert on next generation career trends, will share advice on personal branding and online reputation management. The campaign keynote is open to all University students.

There will also be several ‘ASK ME HOW’ events in Frist, where students can stop by and learn more about Facebook privacy settings, mobile device security settings, and monitor online presence.

The Data Privacy website ( lists the special data privacy events happening throughout the month. You can also find self-help information, like the top 10 data privacy tips, and real-life examples of ‘sharing gone wrong.’ These can certainly serve as inspiration for protecting your privacy and watching what you share on social media channels. 

Do you know what happens to the information you share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media sites? You may think that what you post stays between you and your online friends, but are you sure? If you haven’t set privacy settings, you’re probably sharing more information than you should and letting others freely share information about you, too. A Google search for your name is a good way to check on your online reputation. You may be surprised at what you and others can find!

Sure, be social, but be smart.

About the campaign:  The Princeton University Data Privacy Campaign is a joint effort brought together by representatives of the GSG, USG, Office of Career Services, Office of Communications, the Graduate School, Office of Information Technology, Office of the Registrar, the Residential Colleges, and Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.



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