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CampusCGI and WebScript services retiring January 28


If you have CampusCGI and WebScript web applications, don’t wait. Migrate.  

OIT's CampusCGI and WebScript services are being retired on Monday, January 28, 2013. Everyone who uses these services to host their web applications needs to migrate their content to an alternate online solution before this date.  

How can you tell if your web applications are impacted by this change?  
You need to find an alternate online solution if your web application address begins with:, or 

For example, "" or "".  
After January 28, these sites will no longer be available.

Your site WILL NOT be impacted if the address begins with:

For example, "" or "". These sites are unaffected by CampusCGI and WebScript services and will continue to run after they are discontinued.

Where can you host your web applications?   
As a replacement for CampusCGI and WebScript, OIT is providing a new service called, "Personal cPanel." Personal cPanel offers the most secure and up-to-date LAMP and CGI programming environment, as well as new web authoring utilities and tools. 

To request a Personal cPanel account, complete the online request form. Once you have your cPanel account, you will need to migrate your web applications from CampusCGI and WebScript to cPanel. The cPanel Blog and Migration FAQ have been updated with information for making this transition as easy as possible.

If your CampusCGI or WebScript web applications are no longer needed, and you do not want reminder messages from OIT regarding this project, you can “opt out” of further communications or designate a technical contact to receive future reminders at the Show My Sites utility.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 8-4357 or