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OIT Roadmap Overview

The purpose of OIT's roadmapping effort is to develop a plan that guides the work of our organization as it strives to meet the evolving technology needs of Princeton University and its students, faculty and staff.

This long-range planning process involves understanding the changing nature of technology and its impact on our overall environment. We also wish to understand the technology vision and objectives of those who we serve, so that we may continue to help them be successful in their individual missions.  

Finally, we seek to create an ongoing culture of planning that helps keep OIT aligned with the changing needs of our clients. 

OIT's long-range goals (DRAFT)

Based on our roadmap work-to-date, we have developed the following draft set of long range goals. You can find more information about each goal by clicking on it. On each goal page, we invite you to provide any suggestions that will help inform OIT’s long range plan.

  1. Build and leverage institutional capacity through technology leadership

  2. Provide a world class “computational core” befitting Princeton’s academic research

  3. Transform the user’s experience with and through technology

  4. Deepen our awareness and knowledge of Princeton’s operations through integrated data and premier analysis and reporting tools

  5. Ensure the privacy and security of critical systems and information