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Computational Core

Provide a world class “computational core” befitting Princeton’s academic research

The demand for computational cycles and data storage is growing at an ever-increasing rate, not only among traditional science and engineering disciplines but across all disciplines including the social sciences and humanistic fields. More academic information is being digitized, analyzed and shared across disciplines in collaborations that were never before possible. Thus to support Princeton’s ability to attract the best researchers in the world, OIT will partner with PICSciE, social scientists, and the Digital Humanities group to evolve the set of services and systems available to all faculty for their academic research.

This goal will consider:

  • How to raise awareness among all faculty regarding the research tools and services available to them.
  • What types of systems and commercial software faculty need.
  • The network bandwidth and capabilities needed to move increasingly large sets of data.
  • How we train faculty, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students to use Princeton’s research systems.
  • How we might start building a core of subject matter experts who can bridge the gap from discipline specific knowledge to computational modeling, simulation, and analysis.
  • The appropriate mix of Princeton/National Lab/Cloud-based computer cycles and storage, and how our support landscape needs to evolve accordingly.