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Integrated Data, Analysis & Reporting

Deepen our awareness and knowledge of Princeton’s operations through integrated data and premier analysis and reporting tools

The value of enterprise systems is in the information that we can elicit from them. Currently Princeton is investing in the implementation of new information systems to support a multitude of areas including financial operations, university housing, and laboratory animal administration. The data from those systems is collectively a university resource. OIT will deliver tools and services that facilitate the effective curation of data, including the storing, sharing, analyzing and reporting of university information.

This goal will focus on:

  • Establishing mechanisms to promote the management of data through its life cycle:
  • Awareness of the data that is available today
  • Consistency across databases (we call the same thing by different names in different places) in order to facilitate data integration
  • Data consolidation (a single “system of record” and a single source for each piece of data)
  • Data classification
  • Appropriate data access
  • Updated data retention and archiving policies
  • Delivering state-of-the-art data analysis tools that support improvements in operations and decision-making