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Privacy and Security

Ensure the privacy and security of critical systems and information

In a world of increasingly sophisticated technology threats and attacks, it is essential that Princeton and OIT take deliberate, broad steps to ensure data privacy and security. This is a cooperative strategy that combines clear and accountable policies, personal responsibility and coordinated technical measures to protect and preserve our information resources.

This goal will focus on:

  • Determining what additional services OIT could offer to :
    • help users responsibly use outside systems (e.g. official “vetting” of services like DropBox for file storage)
    • “vet” internally developed systems
  • Determine what the next steps are in identity and access management (e.g. role-based)
  • Establish a strategy for “security reviews” of Princeton’s information systems (Which ones? Why? How often?)
  • Raise awareness among the Princeton community on best practices in areas such as, securing information, handling confidential data, etc.