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Web Appointment Scheduling System


The Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASS; formerly known as the Office Hours System) allows faculty, deans and others to post their office hours on the Web. Students can access these office hours to make appointments. WASS uses e-mail to notify people of pending appointments, and also allows appointments to be synchronized with local calendaring applications, such as Outlook and Google calendar.

Anyone at Princeton can use WASS. Office hour holders create a calendar in the system and indicate their availability for appointments on that calendar. Each calendar has an associated URL (web page address) which can be advertised to students or other potential appointment makers. Once created, students or others can access the calendar, locate the blocks of available time, and make an appointment. The calendar owner can restrict appointments on the basis of NetID (login identifier) or course enrollment, and can also open up blocks of time to anyone in the Princeton community and beyond.

WASS can also be used to schedule appointments for entities (rooms, access to equipment), and can be used to schedule meetings for which people self-enroll. You would use WASS in cases where you want to make yourself or some resource available during limited periods of time, and you want people to be able to make appointments without having to contact you.

The WASS system is completely browser-based; no software needs to be installed on your computer.  It works with most browsers on most platforms (Macs, PCs, Unix workstations). Both calendar owners and appointment makers access WASS using the following web address:

The system has built-in, context-sensitive help. If you have any questions about WASS, please contact the Help Desk.

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