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Access to DeSC Licensed Software via Keyserver

Sassfras Keyserver is a system that meters concurrent licenses for software procured by the Desktop Systems Council. The service permits DeSC to make available non-central software, with prohibitive single license pricing. When vendors offer concurrent licenses, such software is available through a DeSC key server.


Alumni and Development Enterprise Applications - Integration and Customization

* Note: Projects resulting from this service must be approved by the Enterprise System Planning Group ( )

The PAC group will upgrade and enhance 3rd party software applications (e.g. Stripes, Events Management) to help customers gain more value and efficiency out of their automated processes. 

Interfaces can be established to make Alumni data available to other applications, as well as incorporate Alumni information from other data repositories.

In some instances, the PAC group will deliver custom application solutions that supplement or integrate with the standard 3rd party package offerings. This is primarily done to meet specific Princeton business needs that deviate from the base package design or to compensate for functional gaps within the vendor package.


Alumni and Development Enterprise Applications - Support

PAC will provide technical consulting and troubleshooting services for Alumni and Development enterprise applications.
This includes diagnosis and, when appropriate, correction of defects in application function or performance. We will determine if the issue warrants vendor intervention and if necessary will communicate with the vendor directly in order to arrive at an appropriate solution. Vendor delivered patches and fixes will be also applied as part of this service. PAC will provide all technical support for any Princeton developed application components.
PAC can also conduct change impact assessments to help customers determine how adjustments to current business practices could better leverage their investment in packaged software, as an alternative to software modifications.


Announcements of OIT Services, Changes and Outages

OIT announces new services, changes to existing services, and service outages to the University community in numerous ways. The most up-to-date location for announcements is the OIT home page. Updates for announcements and outages are also available via RSS.


ASC (Alumni Schools Committee) Interview Site

ASC (Alumni Schools Committee) Interview Site -- The ASC Interview application is both a collaborative and data collection tool, which manages the applicant interview process. It is also responsible for communicating interview information between ASC volunteers and the Admission Office.

This application provides the following features:

  1. Allows online entry of applicant interviews
  2. Allows assignment of interviews to alumni by alumni chairs.
  3. Allows viewing/downloading of applicant interviews by alumni chairs, interviewers, and the Princeton Admission Office.
  4. Facilitates distribution of applicant decision information to alumni.



Audio/Video Equipment Rental

Providing, via rental, a variety of audio visual equipment, including PA systems, data/video projectors, and other associated equipment to the University community.


Audio/Video Technician Services

Technicians and projectionists assist course related and special events on campus.


Audio/Video/Digital Projection

Assistance for courses and non-course-related events with the projection of DVD, Blu-Ray,  16MM/35MM film screenings and digital presentation via laptop computers.


Authorization code/Calling Cards

Provides an authorization code or calling card to enable long-distance dialing from restricted telephones.