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Cable TV ( TigerTV) for Student Residences

OIT provides entertainment television programming for students in their dorm rooms. The cable service contains a wide range of programming options including a free-of-charge, very basic tier of service.


Cable TV (Tiger TV) for Offices, Classrooms and Public Lounges

Provides television programming in academic and administrative buildings on campus, including public lounges in the Frist Campus center and other common spaces on campus. In offices, classrooms and auditoria, instructional support is the main purpose.


Campus Community (PeopleSoft)

  • Provide functional stewardship for all the Bio/Demographic needs of business offices across campus that use PeopleSoft HCM/CS. Work with the PeopleSoft technical team to enhance functionality, resolve issues, patch or upgrade the product.
  • Resolve Bio/Demographic data related issues within PeopleSoft HCM/CS. 
  • Provide ongoing support to resolve duplicate data in PeopleSoft, both by specific request from Business offices (HR, Development, Registrar, Admissions, etc) and by analysis of current data in PeopleSoft Campus Community.
  • Provide ongoing support for PAI (Permanent Address Information) analysis and remediation for incoming classes and their parents in a timely manner.
  • Provide support for address validation for any group using QAS products, both batch and interactive.


Campus Computer Kiosks

OIT maintains computers that are generally accessible. The public can use these Kiosk machines to search the Princeton web site as well as to read Princeton e-mail and to gain access to the University benefits site. Users also obtain limited access to non-Princeton domain web sites such as NJ Transit, weather, the PU Credit Union.


Campus Receivables (aka. Loans and Receivables)

Campus Receivables (aka. Loans and Receivables)  - This system is a fat Client-based Java Application that handles 9 different receivable systems (Student Accounts, Mortgages, Princeton Parent Loans, Employee Parent Loans, Monthly Payment Plan, Unique Loans, Summer Room Rentals, Outside Loans, Outside Scholarships), with a Client Database and an Internal Work Flow System. 


Central File Share

The Central File Share provides access over the network from the campus or via VPN to home directories (H: drive), departmental shares (M: drive) and many other central file stores. The service is supported by redundant systems with both on-line and encrypted off-site backups.

Users* receive 5GB of quota space in home directories while departments are allocated 100GB of quota space. Users and departments can use additional quota as needed for a monthly charge. Departments can also request dedicated space on the Central File Share servers: both replicated, high-speed storage and lower cost, lower-performance storage is available.


*Starting with the Class of 2017, undergraduates will be provided with 500MB of quota rather than 5GB. Google drive should be used as the default file storage location.


Classroom audio/video equipment

Media Services maintains stationary audiovisual support systems for use by Princeton classes and provides hands-on training on all aspects of those systems. Media Services also performs equipment maintenance, repairs and alignments.

To request this service, contact Media Services at 258-3196, fax 258-1228, or send e-mail to


Classroom In a Box - Portable PC Cluster

OIT offers 30 Dell computers and also 30 Apple Macintosh I-Books along with necessary networking, mice, power and other cables to create a portable classroom for those who need a training or classroom facility but are unable to reserve one of the PC equipped rooms.


Coeus Enterprise Applications Integration and Customization

The PAC group will upgrade and enhance Coeus software applications to help customers gain more value and efficiency out of their automated processes.  
Interfaces can be established to make Coeus data available to the financial system, as well as incorporate personal and accounting information from other data repositories.
In some instances, the PAC group will deliver custom application solutions that supplement or integrate with the standard 3rd party package offerings. This is primarily done to meet specific Princeton business needs that deviate from the base package design or to compensate for functional gaps within the vendor package.


Coeus Enterprise Applications Support

PAC will provide technical consulting and troubleshooting services for Coeus enterprise applications, including Coeus Premium and Coeus Lite.
This includes diagnosis and, when appropriate, correction of defects in application function or performance. We will determine if the issue warrants vendor intervention and if necessary will communicate with the vendor directly in order to arrive at an appropriate solution. Vendor delivered patches and fixes will be also applied as part of this service. PAC will provide all technical support for any Princeton developed application components.
PAC can also conduct change impact assessments to help customers determine how adjustments to current business practices could better leverage their investment in packaged software, as an alternative to software modifications.



Commodity Internet Access

Princeton University provides access to the Internet network through contracts with commercial Internet Service Providers


Conflict of Interest Application Support

PAC will provide technical consulting and troubleshooting services for conflict of interest application.
This includes diagnosis and, when appropriate, correction of defects in application function or performance.   PAC will provide all technical support required to enable the Dean of Faculty and Office of Research and Project Administration to customize the questionnaire each year.


Connecting to a Remote Unix/Linux System

SSH is an Internet protocol that is used to connect securly to a remote system. To "SSH" is to establish a command line session with a remote computer, such as the Arizona Linux Systems at Princeton. Unix and Linux operating systems come with a built-in program that uses this protocol. SSH clients are also available for Windows systems.
The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is available on the Arizona Public Linux servers and can be used to transmit files securely both to and from these systems, both on and off campus.


Consulting for Digital Content Storage, Management, and Delivery Systems

There are a range of systems that can be used to store digital content.  OIT's Digital Repository Architect can help you choose the most appropriate systems and services for storing, managing, preserving, and providing others with access to your documents, research datasets, or multi-media files.


Course Management System (Blackboard)

Blackboard is a learning management system that provides course web pages for all Princeton courses. The pages allow document sharing, assignments, grading, course-specific communication, and other tools for collaborative work among faculty and students in a course.  Blackboard can also be used to host organization sites.


Creation and Activation of User Accounts

Assistance with the creation of administrative and/or departmental accounts for use of the network resources and access to the Internet.


Creation and Maintenance of Mailing Lists/LISTSERV/

OIT provides LISTSERV mailing list software used to manage all types of mailings lists, such as newsletters, announcements, discussion lists, etc.  LISTSERV lists are available to faculty, staff and student organizations for use in the support of university business.


Creation of course listservs

Listservs are automatically created for each course at Princeton, based on information in Blackboard. With these lists, faculty and staff can contact course participants without using internal Blackboard mailing tools.



Creation of Custom Web Applications for Departments, Programs, and Centers

Web Application Services builds web applications for Princeton University departments and works to develop, support, and document the tools it uses for this purpose.

Part of OIT's Academic Technology Services department, Web Application Services addresses the need for professionally developed web applications that cannot be implemented by Princeton staff, yet which fall below the enterprise level systems deployed by AIS. Web Application Services focuses on applications that have departmental rather than University scope, and which are intended to solve immediate information gathering and dissemination needs. Typically, these are smaller-scale applications that can be developed in days or weeks.

Technologies used: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Microsoft .NET, SharePoint.


Creation of PDF files with SendMePDF

The "SendMePDF" print service converts word processing files (or other files printable on a PostScript printer) into PDF files.


Customized Training Offerings

From our current list of offerings of desktop and business applications, OIT Training can provide customized training for work groups tailored to meet their specific needs.