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DataSpace is a digital repository meant for both archiving and publicly disseminating digital data which are the result of research, academic, or administrative work performed by members of the Princeton University community. DataSpace will promote awareness of the data and address concerns for ensuring the long-term availability of data in the repository.


Dean of Faculty Salary Review system

Dean of Faculty Salary Review system -- The Salary Review system serves as a yearly salary increase analysis and data entry tool to our chairs and department managers (used for faculty and academic professionals).


Departmental (non-person) Account Setup

Assistance with the creation of departmental/administrative accounts for use of the network resources and access to the Internet.


Departmental Charges

The Departmental Charges system provides an interface into the University's financial system and the Data warehouse for departments that charge for services. Detailed billings are summarized into journal vouchers and posted to the G/L. The billing details are passed into the Data warehouse allowing departments that are being charged to view the details behind those charges. The application also creates Outside Account bills that are mailed to non-University customers.


Departmental cPanel web hosting service

OIT offers the University community "LAMP" (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) service options for web hosting provide a cost effective way for departments, programs, and centers to run their own web-based applications. Service includes accounts on production server, development server, and (optional) QA server.


Departmental Technology Needs Assessment and Recommendation

We work with your department to define technology needs and requirements, recommend appropriate tools and services, and assist in the preparation of proposals for sourcing a solution.


Digital Humanities Support

Support for projects in the digital humanities, including database creation, granular searches, text markup, visualization, and scholarly annotation. Consultation services upon request.


Digital Suitcase


The Digital Suitcase is a tool that helps you:

  • forward your email
  • pack up a copy of your email messages (Exchange email)
  • pack up a copy of your H: drive

The Digital Suitcase also provides instructions to:

  • pack up a copy of email messages (Princeton Gmail)
  • pack up a copy of WebSpace files
  • pack up a copy of cPanel files
  • reconfigure Windows computers for computing outside of the Princeton computing network
  • uninstall institutionally-licensed software



Display Princeton Data Network Information Via Network Atlas

The NetAtlas application permits members of the University community to view a wide range of information about Princeton's physical data network and other associated data. For example, customers can locate wallboxes, determine whether wallbox ports are active or inactive, and review the campus wireless network.


Documentation for Administrative Systems and Desktop Applications

OIT develops manuals and reference information about the common desktop and business applications supported on campus are available on the web for viewing or for print.


Dormnet Network Access

OIT provides Internet and network access from University dormitories and other student housing. Students can register online for access.


dotNET [deprecated]

This small-scale, shared, development environment enables departments to build web applications that interact with Microsoft SQLServer databases and/or Microsoft Access databases. It uses Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) web server, which supports application development environments and languages that use Microsoft's .NET technological foundation.