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Information Warehouse

The Information Warehouse is the primary data repository for administrative applications at Princeton.  The Warehouse supports the University-wide reporting strategy targeted to improve reporting capabilities, data access and strategic decision making throughout the institution. It uses the Cognos suite of Business Intelligence (BI) products to make the data accessible for all the business users.  The Information Warehouse holds comprehensive data collections that contain detail and summary information in areas such as financial transactions, HR data and student data. Any member of the Princeton University community with a University netID may have access to this information, although some data, such as financial data, may be restricted.


Installation of Departmental Wireless Access Points

To enable mobile computing, OIT provides wireless networking services inside and between campus buildings. The wireless network is in addition to the campus's hardwired computer network. The wireless network includes a visitor service that permits visitors to the campus to connect without having to register their computer in the Host database.


Installation of PCs for Departments

OIT helps departments to unbox, install, and configure a wide range of IT equipment in offices, classrooms, computer labs and other campus spaces. OIT staff also assist with the upgrading of existing technology.


Interface Hub

Manage the operation of the Interface Hub. Work with offices and applications that receive data from or send data to the Hub to enhance functionality as well as to resolve issues and data discrepancies. Manage the data-warehouse packages related to the Interface hub as well as related packages such as the LDAP package and the essential communications package.






Internet2 Access (I2)

The University provides access to the Internet2 network. The Internet2 network is a super high speed network used for research purposes by member schools.