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SCAD and DCS Computing Support Programs

Support for Computing in Academic Departments (SCAD) and Departmental Computing Support (DCS) are special support programs that provide departments a higher level of individualized advocacy and attention. SCAD and DCS members work within Academic and Administrative departments but receive training and assistance from OIT.


Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Access

The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is available on the arizona public Linux servers and can be used to transmit files securely both to and from these systems from both on and off campus.


Security for PeopleSoft HCM/CS Applications

We processed security requests from the offices of HR, Payroll, Benefits, Registrar, Graduate School, Admission for the access to the PeopelSoft HCM/CS.


SharePoint-based Collaborative Workspaces Service

A SharePoint infrastructure will permit customers to request a collaborative workspace, to attend training on how to manage collaborative workspaces, and to request assistance from an OIT support group.


Software Images for Departmental Computers (Windows and Mac OS X)

OIT creates and maintains several software images for the University managed environments. These images contain software packages that have been approved for departmentally owned machines.


Software Support for Departmental Machines

OIT provides software field support to University departments. Assistance is provided in person or via remote desktop/remote help sessions.  Full support is available for Windows and Macintosh machines.  Basic support is available for Linux machines.  If the troubleshooting indicates hardware failure the work ticket will be transferred to OIT Hardware Support for further assistance.

Support Available:

  • Full support of DeSC / MacDesC machines
  • OS Install, upgrade, or troubleshooting
  • Application install and reinstall  (department must prepurchase any necessary licenses)
  • Email setup, Exchange calendar sharing, folder delegation, and client conversion.
  • Full Disk encryption install, decryption and recovery
  • Assistance with smartphone devices (Iphone, Blackberrry, and Android)
  • Printing Troubleshooting
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • RAID 1 volume repair/resync on Dell desktop hardware with Intel/Adaptec RAID
  • Basic support for Office 2007/2010 applications
  • Basic support for Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver


Student Employment Job System

Student Employment Job System – This system provides the following functions:
      Serves as a web-based meeting place for Princeton students and employers (both on-campus and off-campus).
      Allows employers to post jobs, view applications, and hire students.
      Allows students to search job postings and apply for jobs.
      Assists the Student Employment Office by facilitating the job approval process and providing reporting.


Student Printing Services

OIT provides printer stations in the computing clusters as well as in various dormitory sites throughout the campus. Students can use these printers to print from cluster computers as well as from their own personal computers.