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T2 flex (Parking Management System)

PSIG offers full cycle implementation and maintenance services for Parking management System to process vehicle registration, parking permit sales, and citation issuance/payments.

These services include project management, business analysis, technology/packaged software selection support, customer and user group education/facilitation, integrations with other enterprise applications and development of limited custom solutions to best extend the application of the packaged software to meet the business needs.

PSIG also serves as second level application support to Transportation & Parking Services, working closely with customer representatives to resolve any technical issues that may arise, engaging third party expertise as necessary.



Technical consulting and troubleshooting for cPanel

Although the OIT Help Desk acts as the first line of support for cPanel, Digital Repositories provides consulting and troubleshooting services for the cPanel systems and acts as a liaison between the customer and OIT's EIS group in resolving issues.



Telephone - Addition and Changes to Telephone Service

OIT handles requests for new telephone service and changes in existing service (i.e., moving locations, needing additional features, changing hardware).


Telephone Conferencing Services

Faculty, staff and students may reserve a Polycom Conference Set to host a conference call for a group or may arrange a conference call (Meet Me Conference) using a directory number for a conference bridge that can accommodate up to 30 participants.


Telephone Repair

OIT maintains telephone service and repairs telephone instruments in offices, dorm rooms, and other campus locations. In special situations OIT staff may also be dispatched to help correct telephony problems in off campus University housing units.


The Athletics NCAA Eligibility system

Athletics -- The Athletics NCAA Eligibility system automates many of the business processes necessary to ensure the University's and student athletes' compliance with NCAA regulations.
Every year, students fill out and submit compliance forms which cover eligibility issues such as amateur status, drug test consent, scholarships received, and past employment. Supporting data is received from the Financial Aid and Student systems.

  • Princeton compliance officers use the system to track form completion, follow up on potential eligibility violations, and enter academic performance information which is required for eligibility
  • The system tracks eligibility for all Athletics coaches and support staff.
  • Coaches use the system to manage their rosters and to know who is eligible to play on game days.
  • The Athletics business office uses the roster lists to manage travel and meal requirements
  • The Athletics trainers and Health Services use the system to track and notify students for their required physicals.
  • The Athletics administrators use the system to track awards such as varsity letters and life passes.
  • The Development office receives athletic participation information to further their fundraising activities.



Time Collection Application

This system is a web-based application that allows all hourly-paid employees, time entry clerks, supervisors, or payroll representatives to enter and approve time. It supports labor distribution for non-committed earnings for regular staff and all labor distributions for students and casuals. Time Collection also supports entry of non-productive time for regular Bi-weekly staff. Time Collection supports special pay rules dictated by Union contracts and federal regulations. Time Collection functionality also includes electronic Time Clock and Scheduling.


Training - Classroom Facilities

Media Services provides training on the operation of the classroom technology in any Registrar scheduled classroom (A & B designation)


Training Offerings by OIT and Training Registration

OIT provides a diverse curriculum of training offerings on the various desktop and business applications supported on campus. In addition, any campus group that wants to publicize and track event registration can use the training registration system.


TSM File Backup and Restore Service

A network-based service that automatically backups your files located on your desktop or laptop computer which can later be restored if needed