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Undergrad Admission Checklist/Registration

Undergrad Admission – Checklist/Registration -- The Undergraduate Admission Registration application serves as a centralized registration application for the application process.  It allows applicants to register on-line in a secure way so they can check the status of their application online, view their decision online, and respond to Princeton’s offer of admission online.  The Undergraduate Admission Checklist application allows applicants to track the status of their Princeton application online.


Undergrad Admission Common App

Undergrad Admission – The Undergraduate Admission Common App application integrates the web site with Princeton University’s admission process.  This allows applicants to apply to Princeton University through the web site.

The Common Application provides an electronic feed of application data.  This java program provides automate process of entering Common Application data into UA Web App database.

      To accepts the electronic feed from Common App daily.
      To “translate” the Common App data into Princeton’s Admission data.
      To store the data into UA Web App database; the data will be delivered to the PeopleSoft Student System.


Undergrad Admission Decision/Response

Undergrad Admission – Decision/Response -- The Undergraduate Admission Decision application allows applicants to view Princeton’s admission decision for their application online. The Undergraduate Admission Response application allows admitted applicants to notify Princeton regarding their decision to attend.


Undergrad Admission Prospects and BackOffice

Undergrad Admission Prospects -- The UA Prospects is a Online Form for Prospective Undergraduate Applicants.  Prospect students can request admission information by filling out this online form. 

The BackOffice allows Admission office to enter requests on behave of applicants and enter pre-app applications.



Undergrad Admission Web Back Office

Undergrad  Admission Web Back Office -  The UA Back Office is a web based application serves the needs of Undergraduate Admission Office
      To provide web based data entry form for received paper admission application.
      To allow batch printing or printing individual application by the UA Office.
      To provide the “search applicants” function to the UA Office


Undergrad Bridge Year Application

Undergrad Bridge Year Application -- the Bridge Year Application is a web application that allows applicants that have been admitted to Princeton to apply for the Bridge Year Program.  The system collects information required for applying to the Bridge Year Program and allows the Bridge Year Office to manage the list of applications.


Unified Messaging Services for Faculty and Staff

Unified Messaging is the convergence of voice mail, email, and calendaring in your email inbox. This service is available to faculty and staff. You will be able to access voice mail messages from your email inbox or by utilizing the telephone interface.


Unified Messaging Services for Students

The unified messaging service called Tiger Voice is available for students. Tiger Voice provides you with your own unique telephone number. It unifies your voice and email, and will deliver your voice mail messages to your email inbox.


Uniprint Printing Management

For departments wanting to monitor printing on their networked printers, participation in the centrally managed Uniprint system is available.