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Administrative Computing: Labor Accounting

Labor Accounting


The Labor Accounting system is the systematic recording and maintenance of the charges incurred for the compensation or financial support of an individual. These charges or costs are distributed to one or more expense accounts (or project/grants) on an organization's general ledger or bookkeeping system. The University's Labor Accounting system distributes the costs to project/grants for most regular employees’ normal compensation, such as regular 12-monthly salary, faculty 10-month academic year salary and summer salary, and biweekly employee salary. Other forms of employee compensation such as overtime, casual hourly wages, and severance pay are not distributed by Labor Accounting. The accounting information for these types of pay is entered on Time Collection or by Payroll directly. The Labor Accounting system also distributes the costs for graduate student support such as fellowship stipends, assistantship salaries for instruction and research, and tuition support. Undergraduate and graduate student hourly wages are not distributed by this application. Project/grants for student wages are entered through Time Collection

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