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OIT Catalog of Services

Administrative Computing: Matriculation Online and Back Office

Matriculation Online and Back Office


Matriculation Online and Back Office -- Princeton Admissions used to mail each matriculated student a packet of forms to be completed and returned to various offices.  The Web-Based Matriculation Online System allows us to capture matriculated student’s data from the web rather than from multiple paper forms.  By using web-based forms we can streamline the process by creating one front-end for freshmen to use when providing data to various university offices. In addition, new students will benefit from “one-stop shopping” when providing data to Princeton University since the Matriculation Forms will be accessible from the main freshman website.
The data collected from this website will be fed back into PeopleSoft (Campus Community, and Student Records) as well as distributed to the central offices systems.
A.  “One-stop shopping” for freshmen where they can enter information by required  multiple offices:

  • Housing
  • Health Services
  • Office of the Dean of the College
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Athletics
  • Disability- Accommodations Office

B. Electronically deliver freshman data to multiple offices across campus.
C. Consolidate forms on-line and eliminate redundant requests for data from students.
D. Eliminate duplication of data entry across campus; increase the accuracy and timeliness of collected data.
E. Meet ‘data deadlines’ for each office.


Staff Students
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End of May till end of Sept yearly
Access permission:
enrolled students, Registrar, Dean of the College, Housing, Health Service, Residential College, Athletics, Admission
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not available
Contact for support:
(Phone) 609-258-8524
(Email) Amy S. Hughes
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Regular working Hours
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none available
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