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Administrative Computing: Princeton Parent Loan online Application and Approval System

Princeton Parent Loan online Application and Approval System


Princeton provides loans to parents of children who attend Princeton University.  The system allows parents to complete an on line application in lieu of a paper application and send it electronically to the Parent Loan office.  Once the application is received, the parent Loan manager uses the back office functions to do credit analysis and approve or deny the loan application.

Service homepage:
Service location:
once in production, this will be online throughout the year
Access permission:
student's parents and Controlled via the Treasurer's Office
Feedback e-mail:
not available
Contact for support:
(Phone) 609-258-4415
(Email) Don Heyer
Support Hours:
Regular working Hours
Service policies:

If applicants have any questions about the Parent Loan online Application, please contact the Parent Loans manager in the Treasurer's office Don Heyer at 609-258-4415.

Online documentation:
none available
KnowlegeBase reference:
none available