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Administrative Computing: Princeton Receivables

Princeton Receivables


This system is a Java Enterprise Application that handles 3 different receivable systems (Computer Loan, Emergency Loans, Rental Agreement Receivable).

The Computer Loan application is responsible for supporting the business needs of the Bursar Office to assist students who select to finance computers purchased through OIT’s Student Computer Initiative (SCI) program. Both Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students are eligible to participate in the program.  The Short Term Emergency Loan Application is responsible for supporting the business needs of the Bursar Office to assist students who need a Short Term Emergency Loan. Short Term Emergency Loans are given to Graduate Students (and on very rare occasions Undergraduate Students) to take care of an emergency need for cash with the expectation that it will be repaid in a short period of time.  Most loans are repaid within the issuing academic year.  Students should only have one active loan at a time, but exceptions are made. Repayment for the majority of loans is through stipend deduction; small percentages of accounts are paid through other Loan proceeds; and, small percentages repay by coupon.

A Dean in the Graduate School normally faxes a completed application to the Bursar office which indicates the authorized amount of the loan and repayment terms.  

The Rental Agreement Receivable application provides functions for the Rents Department in the Treasurer’s Office to collect lease payments, miscellaneous charges and to maintain receivable accounts for properties owned by Princeton University. These properties include housing and garages for faculty, staff, graduate students, and for some low-income housing renters and a select number of commercial tenants and student agencies.  The Intra-Housing-Rents interface design and development for residential leases were completed by both the Housing and Rents business teams and the respective OIT technical staffs.


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