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OIT Catalog of Services

Administrative Computing: PeopleSoft

Person Office

The mission of the Person Office is to enable the effective use of information technology to improve the quality and consistency of all information related to a person’s affiliation with Princeton and their relevant access to Princeton technology resources.
In pursuit of this mission, the Person Office’s goals are to:
Enhance and ensure consistent and accurate identity information pertaining to all persons affiliated with Princeton University, across all University systems and processes through the use of information technology tools.
Serve as a liaison between University departments and relevant OIT groups in all matters related to a person’s affiliation and identity at Princeton.
Serve as the functional steward of person-centric applications such as the Oracle Identity Management (IdM) suite (Identity Management and Access Management), Central Authentication Services (CAS), Guest Account Provisioning (GAP), Interface Hub, Campus Community and others to come.
Work in partnership with the Security and Data Protection (SDP) group within Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS), who are the technical owners of the various Identity Management applications and with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) group within Administrative Information Services (AIS) who are the technical owners of Campus Community.
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701 Carnegie Center
8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday
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