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OIT Catalog of Services

Academic Support: Web Development

Web Feed Registry


The OIT Web Feed Registry is a website where software developers can find Princeton University data in formats such as XML and JSON. The University provides these data feeds as a courtesy to software developers who can use them to create applications that provide accurate and timely information to University constituencies. Developers who are members of the University community may request that new data feeds be developed if none of the current data feeds meet their needs.

Service homepage:
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not available
Feeds are available 24/7
Access permission:
Feeds are available only to members of the University community.
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Regular working Hours
Service policies:

The University will consider requests for new data feeds in a timely fashion and may approve new feeds as requested provided that:

The proposed release of data is consistent with the University's information security policy and state and federal law:

the University and/or members of the University community will benefit from the feed;

Sufficient resources are available to produce and maintain the data feed.

Online documentation:
none available
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