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Departmental cPanel web hosting service


OIT offers the University community "LAMP" (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) service options for web hosting provide a cost effective way for departments, programs, and centers to run their own web-based applications. Service includes accounts on production server, development server, and (optional) QA server.

Faculty Staff
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Service location:
not available
None for standard service. None for enhanced service if a subsidized 799 account for hosting charges.
24x7, except for brief AM system maintenance outages
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not applicable
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(Phone) 8-HELP
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Service policies:

 Prospective Deparmental cPanel users must agree to the following terms of service:

  1. Departmental cPanel accounts are provided to members of Princeton University for access to tools enabling the creation of web-database applications in support of their studies or work at the University. In submitting this form, you affirm that this account will be used for such purposes and that you accept the rules for use of such resources as detailed in "Princeton University Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities" and its companion document "Princeton University Information Technology Policy," available at

  2. If you are responsible for any web-based application, you must ensure that it cannot be used by anyone to relay unsolicited e-mail or spam to others. You also must ensure that the application cannot be used by others to compromise the application itself or the server on which the application resides.

  3. Applications provided through cPanel or similar services will be scanned by OIT for vulnerabilities before being made operational, and any vulnerabilities must be addressed. If serious vulnerabilities in such an application are observed after initial implementation, the application must be removed until the vulnerabilities have been remedied.

  4. I agree to develop my website in my test account, arrange for a security scan, and move it to production only after critical security issues have been resolved.

  5. I agree to read The OIT Guide to Web Hosting Best Practices.

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