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OIT Catalog of Services

Services For Students

Service NameFor Training
Announcements of OIT Services, Changes and Outages FSStA No
Audio/Video Equipment Rental FSStA Yes
Audio/Video Technician Services FSStA Yes
Blog Service FSStA Yes
Cable TV ( TigerTV) for Student Residences FSStA No
Cable TV (Tiger TV) for Offices, Classrooms and Public Lounges FSStA No
Campus Community (PeopleSoft) FSStA Yes
Campus Computer Kiosks FSStA No
Central File Share FSStA No
Classroom audio/video equipment FSStA Yes
Classroom In a Box - Portable PC Cluster FSStA Yes
Commodity Internet Access FSStA No
Connecting to a Remote Unix/Linux System FSStA No
Course Management System (Blackboard) FSStA Yes
Creation and Activation of User Accounts FSStA No
Digital Suitcase FSStA No
Documentation for Administrative Systems and Desktop Applications FSStA No
Dormnet Network Access FSStA No
E-mail Access through Webmail FSStA No
E-mail Account Mgmt- Forwarding/Quota Options FSStA No
Financial Aid FSStA No
Foreign Language Audio, Video and Cable TV FSStA No
Geographic Information System FSStA Yes
High Performance Computing FSStA No
Host Database Registration for Network Access FSStA No
Humanities Resource Center - Lab Facilities FSStA No
Information Warehouse FSStA Yes
Installation of Departmental Wireless Access Points FSStA No
Internet2 Access (I2) FSStA No
Labor Accounting FSStA No
Licensed Software For Instruction FSStA No
Maintenance & Servicing of Accounts/netIDs for Students, Faculty, and Staff FSStA No
Maintenance of Account Passwords (PUaccess) FSStA No
Management of Quota for Unix Accounts FSStA No
Matriculation Online and Back Office FSStA No
Mobile IP - Portable Computer Network Connection FSStA No
OIT Computing Clusters FSStA No
OIT KnowledgeBase FSStA Yes
OIT Newsletter IT Matters FSStA No
Person Office FSStA No
Personal cPanel web hosting service FSStA No
Princeton Gmail FSStA No
Princeton Mobile application suite FSStA No
Programming Training for High Performance Computing FSStA No
ProofPoint and Filtering Service for E-mail FSStA No
Purchasing of Computers - Student Computing Initiative (SCI) FSStA No
Purchasing Software - OIT Software Sales FSStA No
Rental of Digital Cameras FSStA Yes
Repair of Computers and IT Equipment FSStA No
Request for Support of New Licensed Software FSStA No
Residential Computer Consultants - Computer Support in Dorms FSStA No
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Access FSStA No
Student Employment Job System FSStA No
Student Printing Services FSStA No
Telephone Conferencing Services FSStA No
Telephone Repair FSStA No
The Athletics NCAA Eligibility system FSStA No
Training Offerings by OIT and Training Registration FSStA No
TSM File Backup and Restore Service FSStA No
Undergrad Admission Checklist/Registration FSStA No
Undergrad Admission Decision/Response FSStA No
Undergrad Admission Prospects and BackOffice FSStA No
Undergrad Bridge Year Application FSStA No
Unified Messaging Services for Students FSStA Yes
Virtual Private Network Access (VPN) FSStA No
Visitor Wireless Access FSStA No
Walk-in Service at Solutions Center Tech Clinic FSStA No
Web Appointment Scheduling System FSStA No
WebSpace FSStA No
Wireless Network Access FSStA No