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New Student

Getting Connected to Campus

Your netID is the key

With a personal identifier called a netID, you can log in to the Princeton domain and access Princeton resources like your Princeton Gmail, cluster computers, and student printing resources.

Princeton netIDs are emailed to undergraduate students beginning May 21, 2013.

Your Princeton Gmail account

Along with your Princeton netID you will get a Princeton Gmail account. (Your email account will be fully active within 24 hours of receiving your netID). 

Your Princeton Gmail account helps you stay connected at Princeton. University offices will use this address when sending important University information. You can also use it to stay in touch with family and friends, or to reach out to fellow students on campus. Integration with the online campus directory makes finding student email addresses, including yours, easy from Princeton Gmail.

Your Princeton Gmail address is your Princeton netID, plus ( Get to your Princeton Gmail here:

Your Princeton Gmail is just one of the apps available to you through Google Apps at Princeton. For information about Google Calendar and Google Drive, and others that are on the way, see:

Dormnet: the student network

The student network, Dormnet, provides high-speed Ethernet and wireless connections in all dorm rooms and in most graduate housing complexes. Computers purchased through the Princeton Student Computer Initiative (SCI) program are pre-configured for Dormnet; non-SCI computers can connect with registration.

Once you’re on, access campus servers, printers, and Internet resources from your dorm room. Graduate students in non-Dormnet units need a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP). Dormnet subscriptions allow network access while on campus regardless of residence.

Campus wireless service: PUWireless

When you’re out and about on campus with your laptop, wireless service across most of the campus provides access to the Princeton network. Be sure to connect to PUWireless.  PUVisitor is a service for visitors and only provides a short-term connection.

Campus network drops and kiosks

Network connections in Frist, Firestone Library, and many academic buildings are also available. Kiosk computers in the entrances of Frist and Dillon Gym can be used for a quick email check.

File storage and backup: protect your papers and files!

While it’s convenient to save papers to your laptop, your files are safer if you also save them to your Google Drive account. Your Google Drive account provides 20GB of combined personal file storage with your Princeton Gmail account that is accessible from anywhere. Your files are also backed up so you can restore them---a lifesaver when a file disappears before your paper is due! 

You can also use OIT’s WebSpace service at Your first visit here creates your 5 GB account. Files on WebSpace are easily shared both within and outside of Princeton, making it a useful collaboration tool.

Princeton Mobile website for the mobile 'U'

Princeton Mobile

The Princeton Mobile website provides on-the-go access to Princeton news and events, an interactive campus map, course offerings, the library catalog, athletic schedules, and more. Access the site from any browser and be in the mobile know.

Computing Support

OIT Help Desk - 24/7

Phone: 258-4357 (8-HELP)

Student Technology Consultants

Computing support in your campus residence:

OIT Solutions Center

Walk-in computer help at the Frist Campus Center:

Computer repair services

Computer repair services:

OIT KnowledgeBase

Princeton-specific answers to technology questions: