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Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives (OESI)

OESI offers organizational support to help OIT achieve operational excellence through work process improvements and innovations.

Organizational Effectiveness

Directs and manages organizational functions including:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Orientation and onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Staff recognition
  • APR (Annual Performance Reviews)
  • Employee relations
  • OIT policies, guidelines and best practices
  • Administrative process improvement
  • CALM (Centralized Accrued Leave Management)
  • Community events

Manages OIT facilities and space planning initiatives at 701 Carnegie Center including:

  • Building related issues
  • Space Planning and design
  • Building activies
  • Coordinates joint department events

Collaboration and Conferencing Technologies

Collaboration and Conferencing Technologies (CCT) provides consulting, planning, development & design for:

  • Video conferencing systems (iLinc, MS Lync) 
  • Web conferencing systems (iLinc, MS Lync) 
  • Project management tools (SharePoint)
  • Document sharing systems (SharePoint)

Training and Documentation Services

Training and Documentation Services (TDS) provides the following services:

  • University business applications training (such as Purchasing, Curriculum Management, Labor Accounting, etc.)
  • General business applications training (such as Office, Acrobat, Roxen, etc.)
  • Collaborative business applications (such as SharePoint, MS Lync, iLink, etc.)
  • Documentation (such as quick reference cards, online help, instructional videos, etc.)
  • Business Technology Certificate Program administration and support 
  • Training needs analysis
  • Custom curriculum development and delivery
  • Research and deployment of professional development for OIT staff
  • Employee Learn Center administration and support

For more information, see the training and documentation website.