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Parking Rules and Regulations
Transportation & Parking Services at Princeton University is committed to providing reliable and safe transportation and parking services that enhance the quality of life while promoting sustainability, accessibility, and mobility on campus.

Members of the University community who need to park on campus must obtain a permit from Transportation & Parking Services. The following parking rules and regulations apply to members of the Princeton University community and University visitors who need to park on campus.

Click here for the Parking Zone Map PDF

Enforcement of Policy
Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Violators will be issued a citation. Princeton University reserves the right to tow or boot vehicles on University property that are in violation of parking policy, or depending on the offense and number of pending violations, with the expense to be borne by the owner/driver of the vehicle. Parking privileges are non-transferable.

I. Parking Permits

Parking permits are issued to University faculty, staff, graduate students, and University contractors.

A valid University parking permit consists of a removable hangtag and non-removable decal. Both items must be properly displayed for a vehicle to be legally parked on campus.

The hangtag indicates parking zone and lot assignments and must be hung from the rear view mirror so that the assignment information is visible through the front windshield. Individuals who reside in University Housing will also have a housing designation on the hangtag. Transportation & Parking Services encourages the removal of the hangtag while driving.

Decals must be applied to the driver’s side passenger window from the inside. For pick-up trucks, the decal should be applied to the back window behind the driver’s seat. Expired decals must be removed.

If at any time a permit holder is no longer in possession of a registered vehicle, he or she must remove the parking decal beforehand and visit Transportation & Parking Services to obtain a new decal for any new vehicles. Failure to do so will result in applicable replacement fees.

Please note that a University parking permit does not necessarily guarantee a parking space on campus. There is a $30 replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged hangtags.

Faculty/Staff Permits
Employees who intend to park on campus must register their vehicle. Parking registration may be done in person or online. Employees may register multiple vehicles, for which they will receive one decal for each vehicle, but only one hangtag per employee. Employees must transfer the hangtag to the vehicle that will be parked on campus.

In some cases, when driving a loaner or rental vehicle, a temporary parking permit will be issued. Temporary permits may be picked up at Transportation & Parking Services during normal business hours.

Undergraduate Student Parking Policy (effective September 2016)
Undergraduate students are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus during the academic year, including Holidays and weekends. Students with a compelling need should refer to the Parking Permit Exemption Process.

Graduate students who reside in University housing are issued a parking permit for their designated housing unit. Students living in the Graduate College, Lakeside and Lawrence Apartments, or on Edwards Place, Dickinson Street, and University Place are not able to park on campus Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, during the academic year and are strongly encouraged to take TigerTransit.

Graduate students who do not reside in University housing or near a TigerTransit stop may register for a commuter student parking permit in person or online (during the annual online registration period).

University Contractors
Contractors requiring on-site parking should first call their department sponsor for approval.  Sponsors approve on-site parking and they must send an approval email to Transportation & Parking Services during normal business hours prior to contractors obtaining an appropriate parking permit.

II. Parking Zone and Lot Assignments

Faculty/Staff Parking
Each University registered vehicle is assigned a parking zone and lot(s) determined by the vehicle owner’s affiliation with the University (see reverse for zone and lot map). The zone and lot assignments are indicated on the hangtag and must be visible through the front windshield when the vehicle is parked.

Drivers may park in a lot that is not assigned to them within their designated zone only if the assigned lot is full. If parking is not available in any lot within the designated zone, drivers may park in Lot 21.  Please notify Transportation & Parking Services when your assigned lot is full.

Lots 8, 9 and 18, or lots next to campus buildings are by assignment and special permit only and are not included in zone overflow parking.

III. Housing Parking

Housing permits are issued on an annual basis and include the resident’s designated housing complex. Housing permits are valid each year through June 30 for students and October 31 for faculty and staff and must be renewed annually with Transportation & Parking Services in person or online (during the annual online registration period).

If parking is not available in an assigned residential lot, the following overflow lots are available: Edwards Place, Dickinson Street, and University Place residents may park in Lot 19 near the Graduate College.

IV. Special Parking Accommodations (HC Parking)

If special parking accommodations are needed due to a temporary medical condition, vehicle owners must present appropriate documentation to University Health Service prior to obtaining a permit.  For individuals with permanent disabilities a state-issued HC ID card must be registered with Transportation & Parking Services. HC parking spaces on campus are reserved for registered vehicles only. Vehicles must display a valid University parking permit along with a HC license plate or placard.

For visitors with HC placards or license plates, HC parking is available only in the designated spaces in Lot 16 weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. Frequent visitors who use these spaces should request a special permit from Transportation & Parking Services.

V. Visitor Parking

During normal University business hours (8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday), visitors coming to campus may park in Lot 21 near Jadwin Gymnasium or the Lot 23 visitor area off of Elm Drive.

Visitors to the undergraduate or graduate admission office may park in the Lot 23 visitor area off of Elm Drive or in Lot 21 near Jadwin Gym. TigerTransit, the University shuttle system, operates frequently from Lot 21 and Lot 23 weekdays until the early evening.

Visitor HC Parking: See section IV.

Additional visitor parking accommodations near campus include three municipal parking garages, that charge a fee, located on Chambers, Hulfish, and Spring streets in downtown Princeton.

Metered parking on Princeton streets is limited to one or two hours, and in most cases operates from 8 am until 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. There are some streets with longer-term parking meters that are within easy walking distance from campus. Parking regulations are strictly enforced. Additional Princeton parking information may be found online at

Overnight Parking (2 am–8 am)
Overnight parking is by permit only. Visitors who require overnight parking accommodations should request a special permit in advance from Transportation & Parking Services during normal business hours. Vehicles parked overnight without a permit risk being towed or booted at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Evening and Weekend Parking
(weeknights, 5 pm to 2 am; weekends, 6 am to 2 am)
Weeknight and weekend parking is available in most University numbered parking lots, including the West Garage and Lot 21.

Lots 8, 9, 18, and Lots next to buildings are not open to the public at any time.
VI. Regulations

• Parking policy is in effect year-round, including University holidays and break periods. If parking is not available in an assigned lot, use another lot within your zone. Call 609-258-3157 to alert TPS that your assigned lot is full. Lots 8, 9 and 18, or lots next to campus buildings are by assignment and special permit only and are not included in zone overflow parking.

• Parking on grass, sidewalks and roadways, or in loading docks or stairwells, is strictly prohibited.

• Tampering or altering a University parking permit is prohibited, subject to a $200 fine, and will result in the suspension of parking privileges.

• Absence of signage is not an authorization to park. Parking is permitted in designated areas within the painted lines only. See map for authorized parking areas.

• "University Vehicles Only" parking is reserved only for vehicles owned by the University. Personal vehicles of employees or students, even with a valid University parking permit, are not permitted to park in these spaces.

• Visitor parking areas are reserved for visitors only (non-University registered vehicles). Vehicles with valid or expired University parking permits are not permitted to park in these spaces.

• Any vehicle towed at Princeton University, not retrieved within 48 hours of the tow, will encumber a storage fee of $25 per day. Vehicles not retrieved after 15 business days will be considered abandoned.

• Vehicles unattended for an extended period of time will be classified as abandoned and will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. Vehicles unclaimed after 90 days will be disposed of.

VII. Parking Enforcement, Violations, and Citations

Princeton University reserves the right to ticket, tow, or boot vehicles parked on University property in violation of parking policy. All citations and expenses related to violations including the towing or booting of vehicles with University parking permits are issued against the parking permit holder. For non-University registered vehicles, the vehicle owner is responsible for all violations and citations. More information on parking citations may be found online at

Frequent violations or disregard for University parking rules and regulations will result in the revocation of University parking privileges and access to campus.

Transportation & Parking Services and Princeton University are not responsible for damage, loss of property, or theft of vehicles parked on University property.


Location/Mailing Address
A Floor, New South Building
Princeton, NJ 08544
(609) 258-3157
Fax: (609) 258-7655


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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