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Princeton University's Program in African Studies is one of the most diverse of its kind in the nation. It is an interdisciplinary program with faculty from the humanities and social, natural, and engineering sciences playing an active role in teaching and advising research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. AFS is an affiliate of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. Navigate this website with the buttons to the left to learn more about the program and the requirements for an undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency.


The Princeton in Dar es Salaam Kiswahili is a summer study abroad program designed in the spirit of Princeton University’s commitment to providing high quality opportunities that allow its undergraduates to encounter firsthand the peoples, culture, and contemporary concerns of other regions of the world.
To know more about this program read "Out of Africa" by Charles Butler

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Spring 2016 Courses >>

Spring 2016

(Select Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in ABH 216, unless otherwise noted)

February 2                  
“Confronting Global Blackness”
Achille Tenkiang ‘17 and Lovia Gyarkye ‘16

February 9                  
Open Seminar

“Vote-Buying as Status Affirmation in Competitive Elections with Secret Ballots:  Evidence from Ghana”
Elena Gadjanova, Fung Fellow

February 16                

“Nostalgia and Pedagogy in Post-Apartheid South Africa”
Amber Reed, University of Pennsylvania

February 23                
Open Seminar

“The Race of Africa: History, Hermeneutics, Knowledge.”
Jemima Pierre, University of California, Los Angeles                       

March 1                      

“The House that Was Never Built: Transnational Imaginings of Shared South African-Indonesian Heritage”
Saarah Jappie, Princeton University

March 22                    
“Rogue Lawyers as Rights Activists in Africa from the 1920s to the Early Independence Years”
Meredith Terretta, Institute for Advanced Study

March 29                    
Open Seminar
“Pharaoh Alexander the Great: The Egyptian Background of the Alexander Romance”
Jacco Dieleman, University of California, Los Angeles

April 5                        
“Crops and Diets in a Food-Insecure Mozambican Community”
Sara Lopus, Princeton University

April 12                      
Open Seminar
“Title TBD”
Amy Niang, Fung Fellow

April 19                      

“Title TBD”
Basile Ndjio, Institute for Advanced Study

Study Abroad

Princeton in Dar es Salaam
For more information visit the Office of International Programs' Princeton in Dar es Salaam website or contact Mahiri Mwita or Rebecca Aguas.

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