Certificate of Proficiency

To obtain the certificate of proficiency, undergraduate students must complete the requirements in their major department as well as the following requirements of the program.

  • One foundational course from a list of designated courses (such as ART 237, ART 260/AAS 260/AFS 260, COM 239/AFS 239, HIS 314, or HIS 316) that serves as an “Introduction to Africa”

  • One course each in three of the four key areas: 1) Culture, Literature, and the Arts, 2) History, 3) Science, Technology, and Health, and 4) Politics and Economics

  • One elective course from one of the four key areas that can be an “advanced topics” seminar offered by Africanists in a variety of departments or the year-long sequence in Swahili offered on campus

  • The Senior Colloquium where students discuss work in progress

  • A senior thesis on Africa or an African-related topic.

    Students who study at the University of Cape Town or elsewhere must submit courses for certificate credit to the program manager for director approval.

Attention 2015 Certificate Students
Deadline to submit a senior thesis for the program requirements is Monday, May 4th at 12 p.m.  If you are doing independent work in lieu of a thesis it is due Thursday, April 30th at 12 p.m.

Questions? Contact Rebecca Aguas at raguas@princeton.edu

The Program in African Studies is a multidisciplinary forum that brings together students and faculty to learn about Africa--its peoples, environments, and resources--by exploring cultural, historical, political, scientific, and technological issues. These themes are brought together in foundational courses and are reinforced in the senior colloquium where students share their works in progress. Since a number of departments offer foundational courses that focus on African issues, any one of these can serve as and “Introduction to Africa.” In between these "bookends," students will take four additional courses from at least 3 of the following 4 key areas: 1) culture, literature, and the arts; 2) history; 3) science, technology, and health;, and 4) politics and economics.  Students are encouraged to study in Africa and the program offers language and literature courses in Kiswahili and sponsors and endorses a variety of field study programs.  The program casts a wide net, enabling students majoring in any department to design a course of study that satisfies their interests in Africa.


2015-2016 Certificate Requirement Sheet

Certificate Courses

The undergraduate courses of interest to certificate students are offered by an array of departments.  Some courses, not on the list below, may also qualify for the certificate.  Please contact Rebecca Aguas with any questions.

Course descriptions are available in the current Undergraduate Announcement, which can be found online at the Office of the Registrar.

Fall 2015

SWA 101                                           
Elementary Swahili I       

SWA 105                                           
Intermediate Swahili I

SWA 200/COM200                           
Readings in Kiswahili Literature & East African Culture

TWI 101                                             
Elementary Twi I

TWI 105                                             
Intermediate Twi I

DAN 211/AAS 211                           
The American Dance Experience and Africanist Practices

EGR 498/GHP 498                            
Special Topics in Social Entrepreneurship: Ventures to Address Global Challenges

ENV 304/ECO 328/EEB 304/WWS455       
Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy

ENV 407                                            
Africans Feeding Africa

HIS 316                                             
South African History, 1497 to the Present

MUS 258/AFS 258                            
Music of Africa

Spring 2015

AAS 342/COM 394/AFS 342
Sisters’ Voices: African Women Writers

AFS 303
Social Structure in Africa: Responses to Socio-Political and Economic Forces

ART 261/AAS261
Art and Politics in Postcolonial Africa

SWA 102
Elementary Swahili II

SWA 107 
Intermediate Swahili II

TWI 102 
Elementary Twi II

TWI 107
Intermediate Twi II

DAN 211/AAS 211 
The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices

EEB 341/ENV 341
Water, Savannas, and Society: Global Change and Sustainability in Africa’s Hallmark Ecosystem

EEB 380
Ecology and Conservation of African Landscapes

EEB 406
Biology of African Animals and Ecosystems

ENG 418
418 Topics in Postcolonial Literature: The African Novel

NES 394/HIS 409/AFS 394
Colonialism, Post-Colonialism and Islam: North Africa

Fall 2014

AFS 427                                                    
Conflict in Africa

SWA 101                                                       
Elementary Swahili I

SWA 105                                                      
Intermediate Swahili I

SWA 200                                                       
Readings in Kiswahili Literature and East African Culture

TWI 101                                                         
Elementary Twi I

TWI 105                                                        
Intermediate Twi I

COM 239/AFS 239/AAS 239                       
Introduction to African Literature and Film

ART 473/AAS 473/AFS 473                       
Kongo Art

DAN 211/AAS 211                                       
The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices

EEB 341                                                        
Water, Savannas, and Society: Global Change and Sustainability in Africa's Hallmark Ecosystem

ENG 417/COM 423/AFS 416                       
Topics in Postcolonial Literature - Postcolonial Cities

ENV 304/ECO 328/EEB 304/WWS455       
Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy

GEO 499/ENV 499                                       
Environmental Change, Poverty, and Conflict

HIS 314                                                         
Precolonial Africa

MUS 258/AFS 258                                        
Music of Africa

POL 351/WWS 311                                       
The Politics of Development

Complete List of Certificate Courses

African Studies


Introduction to African Studies


Local Governance and Development in Africa


Social Structure in Africa: Responses to Socio-Political and Economic Forces Since Independence


African Cultural Forms in Political Spheres


African Development and Globalization


Conflict in Africa

African American Studies

AAS 338/COM 348/AFS338 African Vampires, Zombies, and Other Political Phantoms
AAS411/ART411/AFS 411 Art, Apartheid, and South Africa



The Anthropology of Development

Art and Achaeology


Modern & Contemporary African Art


Introduction to African Art


Masking and Theory

Comparative Literature


Introduction to African Literature and Film


Postcolonial  Literature/Postcolonial Criticism


Topics in Comparative Literature (Only if an Africa-related topic)


Masterpieces of African Literature



The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices



Introduction to Population Problems


Economics of Development

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Water, Savannas, and Society

EEB380 (Kenya)

Ecology & Conservation of African Landscapes

EEB406 Biology of African Animals and Ecosystems



Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Ventures to Address Global Challenges



Topics in Literature and Nationality: Magical States

ENG417/AFS416 Topics in Literature and Nationality: Postcolonial Cities


Disease Ecology, Economics and Policy


FRE 327/COM357 Tales of Hospitality: France, North Africa, and the Mediterranean


Aimé Césaire: Postcolonial Poetry, Theatre, Critique

FRE 339/AFS339 Bandes Dessinees and the World


Critiques of Violence


World Literature in French

Freshman Seminar


How Not to Go to Africa: Alternative Voices on the (East) African Narrative


Contemporary African Art since 1980


GEO 499/ ENV 499

Environmental Change, Poverty, and Conflict

Global Health & Health Policy

GHP 400/EEB 400/WWS 382

Seminar in Global Health and Health Policy

Global Seminar

GLS305 The African American Atlantic
GLS311 African Cities: Their Pasts & Future


Documentary Filmmaking in Kenya: The Art of Science Storytelling



Precolonial Africa


Colonial and Postcolonial Africa


South African History 1497 to the Present


Slavery in Africa/Roots of Human Trafficking: Imperialism, Modern Slavery, & Africa


Africa, Medical Pluralism and the History of Health and Disease


Modern African Histories, Society, Violence, Displacement and Memory

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE456 (Kenya)

Global Technology



Music of Africa

Near Eastern Studies

NES 394/HIS 409

NES 394/HIS 409 Colonialism, Post-Colonialism and Islam: North Africa (1830-2011)



Politics in the Developing Countries


Politics in Africa


Seminar in Comparative Politics: Themes in African Politics



Social Change and Modernization and Revolution


SWA101 & SWA102

Elementary Swahili I & II

SWA105 & SWA107

Intermediate Swahili I & II


Readings in Kiswahili Literature & East African Culture


East African Drama in Kiswahili

SWA305/COM367 Kiswahili Novel


Introduction to Swahili Culture


TWI101 & TWI102

Elementary Twi I & II

TWI105 & TWI107

Intermediate Twi I & II

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