September 12, 2001: Books Received

By Alumni

Day of Infamy: The Classic Account of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor - Walter Lord '39. Henry Holt $14. Lord's account of the human drama of the attack was recently issued in a 60th-anniversary edition. He lives in New York City.

Easy to Remember: The Great American Songwriters and Their Songs - William Zinsser '44. David R. Godine $35. Profiles of composers and lyricists dating from the early years of the 20th century to the present. Illustrated with sheet-music covers and photographs of the song-writers. Zinsser lives in New York City.

The History of Colt Firearms and The History of Winchester Firearms - Dean K. Boorman '49. Lyons $29.95 each. Illustrated with full-color photographs, the two books chronicle the stories of these legendary names in the saga of firearms history. Boorman is president of the Armor and Arms Club of New York.

Poetry Mostly Off the Beaten Track - Roy Herbert '51. Five and Ten $5. A course in understanding poetry that cites great poems of the past and includes some unpublished poems by the author, who died in 1996.

The Port of Missing Men - Alain Prévost '51. Five and Ten $14.95. This coming-of-age novel was translated by the author's roommate, Ralph Woodward '51, and published as a tribute to Prévost on the occasion of the Class of 1951's 50th reunion. Prévost died in 1971.

The Best of Fort Wayne, Volume One - George R. Mather '52. G. Bradley $40. A photographic essay of the city's early years, from the 1850s to World War I. Mather lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Principles of Solid Mechanics - Rowland Richards, Jr. '57 *64. CRC $89.95. This textbook covers the application of the full-range theory of deformable solids for analysis and design. Each of the 200 figures was hand-drawn by the author. Richards is a professor of civil engineering at the State University of New York, Buffalo.

"Happiness Is Not My Companion": The Life of General G. K. Warren - David M. Jordan '56. Indiana $35. One of the workhorses of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War, Warren helped save the day at Gettysburg by his action at Little Round Top. He was summarily relieved of his command after winning the Battle of Five Forks, and the court findings that vindicated him were made public only after his death. Jordan is an attorney in Philadelphia.

Beyond Political Correctness: Social Transformation in the United States - Michael S. Cummings '65. Lynne Rienner $23.50. Argues that the political left is condemning itself to intellectual atrophy and political ineffectiveness by avoiding politically sensitive topics. Cummings is chair of the political science department at the University of Colorado, Denver.

From the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War against Zimbabwe, 1965-1980 - Gerald Horne '70. North Carolina $59.95 cloth/ $24.95 paper. Documents the U.S.'s role in delaying the colonization of Zimbabwe and how American involvement helped define interracial dynamics at home. Horne teaches at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

By faculty

Asset Pricing Under Asymmetric Information: Bubbles, Crashes, Technical Analysis, and Herding - Markus K. Brunnermeier. Oxford $39.95. Provides a detailed review of recent theoretical literature and a framework for understanding price processes, emphasizing the informational aspects of asset price dynamics. Brunnermeier is an assistant professor of economics.

Dante: A Life in Works - Robert Hollander '55. Yale $25. This intellectual biography discusses the poet's works, their critical reception through the centuries, and issues raised by each text. Hollander is a professor of European literature and Romance languages and literatures.

The End of Globalization: Lessons from the Great Depression - Harold James. Harvard $39.95. Arguing that the Depression was partly the result of the failure of tariff systems, central banks, and immigration legislation, the author detects modern-day parallels. James is a professor of history.

The Race Card: Campaign Strategy, Implicit Messages, and the Norm of Equality - Tali Mendelberg. Princeton $52.50 cloth/ $17.95 paper. Traces the evolution of political rhetoric about race from the Civil War to the present, analyzing the causes, dynamics, and consequences of racially loaded political communication. Mendelberg is an assistant professor of politics.

Creative Spirituality: The Way of the Artist - Robert Wuthnow. California $27.50. Explores the link between the creative and the sacred and suggests that artists have become the spiritual vanguard of our time. Wuthnow is a professor of sociology and the director of the Center for the Study of Religion.

The Harvard College Guide to Careers in Public Service - Ande Diaz. Harvard OCS Publications $15. Designed for students, recent graduates, and those contemplating a career change, this book surveys opportunities in public service, outlines strategies for a successful job search, and includes career portraits representing a variety of professional paths. Diaz is an assistant dean of undergraduate students at Princeton.


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