January 24, 2007: Crossword

Shaking up the school

By Stella Daily ’00

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1. Test taken by many Princeton srs.
5. Be next to
9. Character created by Henrik
14. Ruler of old Venice
15. Foreign folktales, for example
16. _____ board (nail salon supply)
17. Gasp of dismay?
19. French actress Adoree
20. Ancient transport for the rich, in many countries
21. Not out of one’s gourd
22. Alice in Wonderland kitty
23. Pair of schnozzolas?
28. They get their work done on Time
29. Gem mined in Colombia
31. Word on an international itinerary
32. It lines the back of the eyeball
34. Mine, in Italy
35. Fedora fabric
36. Place where the March King is worshiped?
39. Quiet shellfish?
42. It’s what “dio,” “dios,” or “deo” means
43. Big ground squirrel
47. Babel-like clamor
48. Massage therapy from Japan
50. Metal-containing mineral
51. African country, too?
53. Wetland grass type
55. It’s studied at Frick Lab
56. Former White House press secretary Myers
58. Story, in Italian
60. It’s an anagram of the four longest answers in this puzzle
63. Available, at an eating club
64. Depend (on)
65. Soul diva James
66. Like Oktoberfest
67. Earth mother, in ancient Greece
68. Diet successfully
1. Society for which Jerry Lewis raises money (abbr.)
2. Hit head-on, with “with”
3. Like an anti
4. _____ Rossa (old Ferrari)
5. It’s found in some tissues
6. Title character twice portrayed by Damon
7. Big coffee holder
8. Media mogul Turner
9. Newspaper of Miami
10. Make better, as text
11. Elegant French actress of Indochine
12. Dr. _____ of rap
13. Assent, aboard
18. One of the Gorgons, in Greek mythology
21. Eastern shows of respect
22. The, in Thüringen
24. Mighty navies
25. Travel abroad, in a way
26. Russian or Middle Eastern commodity
27. Made a lap?
30. Somerset of England
33. Belief system suffix
35. Drive of NYC
37. Top or foreign follower
38. Symptom of food poisoning or pregnancy
39. They replaced LPs
40. Co-star with Barrymore and Diaz in Charlie’s Angels
41. Moderately slow, at La Scala
44. “Bedroom community” of northern California
45. Sweet almond syrups
46. Jeans go-with
48. He’s the Red Baron, at times
49. Take one’s first steps
52. _____ of roses
54. Flop from Ford
57. One-named New Age singer of Ireland
58. Corn center
59. Half and half?
60. Part of OAS or NATO
61. Place for gamboling, but not gambling
62. Mideast nation, for short

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Stella Daily ’00 is a top competitor in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.