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A letter from an alumnus about the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice

March 28, 2002

In a storv that appeared in the New York Times a few weeks ago about the disputes surrounding the Nixon library, it was reported that the library had cancelled plans for an international affairs institute that was to be financed by the family of Elmer Bobst, a businessman and friend of President Nixon's. The reason for the library's change of heart was that some letters that Mr. Bobst had written to President Nixon in 1997 had surfaced, in which Mr. Bobst referred to "malicious Jews who troubled the world from the very beginning

The story went on to say that the institute had instead been built at Princeton University as the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice.

As a Jewish alumnus of Princeton. this is very troubling to me. though I believe it should be troubling to non-Jewish alumni as well. I am wondering if the administration has issued a statement about this, and what Princeton's policy is with regard to funding that is offered by sources whose views are repugnant to the values to which the university is dedicated.

Harold S. Bernard '68
Westport, Conn.

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