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A letter from an alumnus about Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP)

November, 2001

I applaud Princeton for reaching out to local, exceptional high school students, from low social-status families, to help them gain future admission to leading universities. The three-year program is serious and purposeful, far from tokenism, with success likely (President’s Page, November 7).

I assume, as part of their preparation, that they are cautioned that if they are accepted for matriculation, they may not be accepted by some of their classmates. There are a few people who confuse good fortune and inheritance with merit and superiority.

Social grace and the ability to think clearly and objectively, without prejudice, are not required for admission to a good college. Nor are focused classes on basic logic and thinking, civility, available anywhere, and some people never learn on their own.

Until such instruction becomes a required course in high school or college, the youngsters in PUPP should be given some forewarning, a word or two about reality and maturity.

Walter Hewitt ’42
Lansdale, Pa.

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