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A letter froman alumnus about the Class Notes tiger

February 28, 2002

Class Notes almost always top PAW reader polls, but those same polls indicate most of us read only our own and maybe a couple from the years just behind and just ahead of ours.

If you aren't aware of the nifty Tiger graphic that points to items the editors find particularly noteworthy, you might want to take a minute or two more on each issue looking for them.

I find such time usually well spent.

In the February 27 PAW, for instance, among those the Tiger pointed me to included the new book "Justice as Fairness" by John Rawls ’43 (which I immediately grabbed out of our public library); the Mark Twain homestead remodeling by Phil Cotton ’54; Bruce Ramer ’55 hosting a discussion a meeting of top entertainment executives to discuss their role in the war on terrorism; and, in ’62's notes, the mountain climbing exploits of Ed Weihenmayer's blind son, Erik.

Brad Bradford '44
Highland Park, Ill.

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