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A letter from an alumna about Alex Wojiechowicz ’61

March 20, 2002

I met Alex Wojiechowicz '61 one pristine morning last summer when he flew his small plane up to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to visit my little company. There he stood at the tiny municipal airport, smiling, as I drove up in my dented red convertible to pick him up at the appointed hour. It was a brief visit, but long enough for us to realize we were exactly twenty classes apart at Princeton, were each entrepreneurs in our own medical businesses (his considerably larger than ours) and shared an appreciation for the subtle beauty of that Berkshire morning.

Alex became a client, the kind of client who reminds you you're in business to make money and to make certain you charge him for the work you're doing. In our short acquaintance, my husband, Eric, and I came to know a man of distinct, unshakable character, with a look in his eye that told you he knew where he had been, what it had taken to get there, and exactly where he stood today, with all the advantages that hard work and determination had provided.

I did not know Alex well. I hardly new him, really. But when his plane fell out of the sky last December, Princeton, lost a true gentleman, a word not to be used lightly these days. Alex, you will be missed, even by those of us who have only a single morning to remember you by.

Lisa Fisher Chamberlain '81
Stockbridge, Mass.

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