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Appreciating art and the museum

I enjoyed and appreciated President Shapiro's "President's Page" piece in the March 7 issue describing the university's excellent art museum. He particularly noted the arrival of the museum's talented new director, Susan Taylor, and her plans to enhance the museum experience and to broaden the museum's appeal, especially to students. He also noted the need for modernization in the museum, now that we have entered the computer age.

For many years the Art Museum has been the jewel in the crown of the university's cultural offerings. It has an illustrious history of distinguished directors and generous alumni (and other) contributors. Their gifts have given the museum an outstanding collection, which has enabled the museum to carry out its educational mission.

Readers of PAW should also be aware of the essential role in the museum's work of the Friends of the Art Museum and the Docent Association, both volunteer organizations. The Friends, with a multiplicity of fundraising efforts, have contributed many thousands of dollars to the museum during the past 50 years. They have financed exhibitions and major renovations, and contributed important works of art. The Docents continue to be the museum's principal contact with the viewing public, with their gallery talks, children's activities, tours, and service at the museum desk. Each year they contribute thousands of hours to the Museum's enterprise.

Harvey Rothberg '49
Princeton, N.J.

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