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A letter about Rob Bordley '70

I enjoyed reading in the April 4 issue about one of my comrades in arms from the 1970s, one Robinson Bordley '70. What your writer did not reveal is that after wowing Princeton football and lacrosse fans with his talents, Rob ventured into the questionable world of rugby after leaving the U.

He and I knocked heads - literally - over the ensuing years with opposing teams in the Washington, D.C., area. It wasn't until 1976, however, when he and I traveled to South Africa to get our behinds whooped as part of an East Coast touring team that I discovered the true inner spirit that makes him such a memorable individual. I was fortunate to witness Rob, in his own special way, leave an indelible mark on South Africa during that trip.

The "Squirrel" went on to further acclaim when selected to play with the first U.S. national team in the mid-70s, before his marvelous physical skills diminished, as evidenced so clearly in his picture from PAW. OK, there's the thinning gray hair, the expanding forehead, and the lined face. But those eyes, oh those eyes, and the mischief within....that remains.

Kevin Warner '71
Delray Beach, Fla.

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