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A letter about Charlie Caldwell '25

Caldwell conker

Sorry but I think Abe Suehsdorf '38 was mistaken in his letter (February 21) claiming Charlie Caldwell '25 had nothing to with launching Lou Gehrig's career.

True, Gehrig was a part-time Yankee before Caldwell arrived at Yankee stadium as a rookie pitcher in 1925. But Lou was still a benchwarmer when this incident occurred. It was while he was shagging flies in the outfield that a Caldwell throw-in conked the unsuspecting Wally Pipp, then the Yanks cleanup hitter and first baseman, on the noggin. The resulting headache earned Pipp a day off. He never got his job back. Gehrig got a couple hits and started every Yankee game for the next 13 years plus. So Charlie did indirectly launch Lou's Hall of Fame career. Even now some injured athletes, explaining why they play hurt, say "I don't want to do a Wally Pipp."

Dick Gordon '33
St. Paul, Minn.

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