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More letters from alumni about PU credit card

November 28

Allan L. Griffith ’60's letter (November 21) hit a nerve with me. I, too, have received a "pre-approved" sales pitch for a credit card – this one from First America (a bank, I guess) and for a Platinum VISA card with which I'll "...be supporting the important programs of Princeton University...."

I tried to find out exactly the extent to which my use of this card (should I choose to get one) would support Princeton's programs. The representative to whom I talked said that Princeton would receive "a percentage" of whatever I charged to the card. When I asked what percentage, she said she couldn't tell me that. I asked to speak with a supervisor.

The supervisor basically said the same thing: It was a percentage, but she couldn't tell me what percentage.

I agree with Allan Griffith – alumni should be slow to bite on these blind baits. I'm confident that Diane deCordova '83 (president of the Alumni Association) isn't letting her name be used in the promotional literature without having made sure this really is a beneficial deal for Old Nassau. However, I would urge all recipients of the credit card pitches to look them over carefully.

Nelson Runger '53
Yardley, Pa.

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October 12, 2001

As a person who was a banker for 35 years and is now retired, I have to comment on the continued mail solicitations I receive regarding a Princeton credit card to be issued by MBNA. These solicitations always state that I have been "pre-approved." Pre-approved for what? When I call and ask, the answer is always the same - you will have to apply for a line of credit amount. I feel that this is false advertising and might be skirting the truth-in-lending laws. I will admit that I am a stockholder of MBNA and very happy with my investment. But, I urge all alumni to look carefully at these solicitations.

Allan L. Griffith ’60
Glendale, Calif.

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May 16, 2001

Two letters in the May 16 PAW cite smarmy behavior on the university's part re: paid endorsements. I too was disappointed to find that PU apparently sold my name to a junk mailer in support of another of those ubiquitous letters promoting superfluous credit cards. This solicitation comes with "Princeton University" showing on the front and back of the envelope. What a class act! I suggest that everyone who gets this do what I did - stuff all of the mailing into the return envelope (including any other random junk at hand) and send it back so the credit card company has to pay the postage.

Don Tocher '59
Sunapee, N.H.

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